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Lockdown was Added to Stopped 11 and 12 Exams



In the case of lockdown added by the government till March 25, the annual examination of Class 12 and 11 will be postponed.

The National Examination Board said it would reach the bottom only after the government’s final decision on the matter.

Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Chandramani Poudel said that the annual examination of Classes 12 and 11 would be stopped in case of lock-down. The board has scheduled Class 12 examinations from the second week of the second year of the current year and the third week of May.
The lockdown is said to be open according to a predetermined schedule.

Chairman Poudel said the preparations needed for the Class 12 and 11 exams could be done according to the prescribed schedule.
Shishankant Pandit writes news in Gorkhapatra Online.

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