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प्रधानमन्त्री तथा मन्त्रिपरिषद् कार्यालय

Staff will Also Pay

    So far, Rs 11 crore 76 lakh has been deposited in the Corona Virus Infection Prevention and Treatment Fund established by the government. The government last Monday called for a fundraiser for the prevention of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The spokesperson of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Office, Rajendra Kumar

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Employee Age Limit 60 Years

A bill to amend and integrate the law on the formation and operation of Nepal's Special Service has been passed today by the National Assembly, Legislative Management Committee. Chairman of the committee, Parshuram Meghi Gurung, informed that the bill passed with the amendment of the bill. According to him, the special

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Resigning by Staff

  Staff at the state and local levels have begun to resign. Adhikari workers are resigning at the state and local level through the Employee Integration Act. This news has been written by Nagendra Sapkota in today's Gorakhpatra. The government has added two tiers of increase and two grades to attract adjusted

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Technical Staff will Receive Two Grades

The technical staff will receive two grades. According to the Cabinet decision dated Magha 27, 2075, employees who have been appointed to the technical post before Saunat 1, 2075 will receive two technical grade grades. On Sunday, the Ministry of Finance sent a letter to all the ministries, commissions, secretariat and offices,

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सङ्घीय मामिला तथा सामान्य प्रशासन मन्त्रालय

Why employee interest increased in federal civil law rather than in local law

The Federal Civil Service Act, which has been under discussion for nearly nine months in the State Legislature Committee of Parliament, has become like a scarecrow in the past.\It has been a long time since the Bill has failed to fulfill the legal constitution. Which has not only directly affected

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