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Online Driving License Registration In Nepal

  1. Opening time of online form registration: 6 AM to 10 PM
  2. The form is registered only if there is quota available
  3. Quota allocated maximum for one week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Biometric Date)
  4. Category and Mobile Number fields are mandatory and non-editable
  5. Re-Registration After expiry of appointment date of Transport Management Office visit will be allowed only after 15 days
  6. Re-Registration will be allowed only after 90 days in the case of exam failure
  7. The applicant can check the application as well as license status through CHECK STATUS button

Check Driving License written exam result, type following information and send to number 33001 from mobile

WT <space> <Applicant ID>

where <Applicant ID> is a number assigned after Bio-metric

To know about Smart Card Printed or not, type the following information and send to the number 33001 from mobile

LC <space> <Applicant ID> Driver License In Nepal

Driving License Nepal Exam Preparation question that was asked and the possibility to ask in Likhit exam conducted by Yatayat Byabastha Karyalaya (Department of Transport Management). The content in this app is based on all the questions that were asked in the examination.